Squirrels Responsible Than Humans

“I just need green. Need to wake up and see grass and squirrels. I don’t want to see skyscrapers” – Andre Leon Talley


Yes, over the years squirrels have been the mark and the point of comparison whenever it has come down to saving the green on Earth.

Necessity is the key to a greener world!

Conventionally it is in a squirrel’s nature to spend most of its life rummaging for food. Squirrels climb up on trees to get a better vantage point of the entire forest land. They search for nuts and seeds and also places favourable for digging and storing their food. Being warm-blooded animals squirrels have to save food for winters. They take shelter throughout the winter to save their energy in the chilling temperature which their bodies aren’t physically meant to handle.


Various scientific researches show that squirrels lose up to 50% of their stored food. They have quite a few enemies like birds who keep a close eye on them and carefully watch them store their food. But squirrels are witty animals. They too, leave no stone unturned to trick the birds. They perform factitious sepultures to hide their food from the birds.

The birds following this trickery keep on browsing the entire area in search of food but ultimately give up on their stash.


How do squirrels help the world go greener?

Based on their cognitive abilities squirrels try to remember where they stored their food because they do not have a very strong sense of smell. But they tend to forget where they last buried their seeds or nuts. As a result, a lot of afforestation gets done around the world. The act of pollination is basically dependent on natural factors like wind, gravity, water, etc. There are certain animals over varied geographic locations which help pollinate these nuts and seeds by means of physical contact.

Thus the squirrels contribute to the environment by helping in the cultivation of trees across the globe even if it is due to their forgetfulness. The nuts or seeds buried inside the ground sprout to become lifesavers. This trend of the squirrel population assists in forest conservation as they fail to recover 74% of their nuts. This leads to growth in the number of plantations done each year.

Surpassing the fact that humans engage way too less in activities like these. We are more into deforestation and other hazardous activities which are exploitative in nature. Human civilisation can help by strategically structuring fences in wooded areas to create a path for them so that they could help.


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