If you have been sceptical whether to click on the title to this Episode or not. Well, trust me this episode is not about how to earn money or how to spend it. Instead, this is about your management of time. We see so many successful people around the world, be it Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos or the billionaire investors from Shark Tank.

What do you think they do differently from the rest? Many people would point out hard work, focus and some other mainstream motivational stuff, but it isn’t.

The rich people habit is a template of how to go about your day. Let’s dive straight into it and find out what most of us have been doing wrong.

We will look into 2 cases, one is of a student, second is of an employed individual.

A student normally follows the following routine. He gets up at 6, gets ready for school, reaches school at 8 and stays there till 2. After the student comes back home, he is tired, physically and mentally, so he either sleeps or watches something on the TV. He sits down to complete assignments and study for examinations at 5 but is frequently distracted and lost in thought.

Similarly, a person in a 9-5 job gets up at 7, gets ready and leaves for work. By the time he is back, he is exhausted, gets dinner, watches TV and goes to sleep.

Both these cases leave little to no time for personal chores, achievements and development. Now, let’s rearrange things and see The Rich Schedule:

The Rich Schedule

  • Wake Up at 4 or 5 am
  • Take an hour for your personal fitness. Go to the gym, mindfulness, yoga or a walk in the park.
  • With the other 1 or 2 hours, work on a personal agenda, like reading a book, writing a blog, studying for an exam or practising your coding skills.
  • Now, get up and get ready, go to your job or school and come back at the same time.
  • With the rest of the day, do what you were always doing. Unwind and relax, if you wish to continue with some of the work you left in the morning, you can.
  • Go to bed by 10 pm.

This might seem like a real task but just rearranging your sleep patterns can help you make wonders. We call this the rich people habit. Why? Because many successful and rich individuals are known to be following this time schedule

We list few of the most compelling things successful people do other than following the routine mentioned above: –

  1.  Don’t check your phone

When you wake up, don’t reach out for your phone. Many people might think a phone can remind them of all the things they need to do but checking your phone makes you unproductive.

  1.   Write down your goals

Write down goals in 3 divisions. Your goal for the day, for the month and for the year. This will help you organize your time in a more productive manner.

  1.   Time is money

Instead of targeting weekly, monthly or annual wages, consider hourly wages. This phenomenon pushes you to squeeze out the best out of every hour and makes you more conscious of your time.

  1.   Take longer lunches

Every successful person has realized that hard work doesn’t pay off, smart work does. Taking a longer break increases your efficiency during work hours and is known to prove better in the long run.

  1.   Network more

The more successful people you know, the more opportunities will come your way.

  1.   Control your emotions

You need to understand that every person and emotion doesn’t have to have the same value in your life. Prioritize emotions and people so that you have a known group to unwind and care for. Maintain a clear division between personal and professional relations.

  1.   Listen more, talk less

Effective communication is extremely important for professional connections. The listening being the essential part. It is recommended to spend 3 minutes listening for every minute you talk.

Adopting these basic mantras in your life can prove to be revolutionary but we need to understand that changes don’t come overnight, you need to gradually implement each step and expect the difference


The GenZ Soul is a written motivational series, written by Ritwik Dhandhi, that introduces new ideas to tackle problems commonly faced by post-millennials.

Stay Tuned for Episode 4

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