“Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together” – Thomas Dekker

Sleeping well is not only important for vital body functions but is intertwined with learning and memorisation process. Psychologists, scientists and doctors often recommend 6-8 hours of proper sleep. It helps one to function properly and stay healthy. Not taking the appropriate amount of rest leads to many diseases like hypertension, depression, headaches, obtrusive sleep apnea, hormone imbalances etc.

Time holds a great importance in our lives. Especially if one has to juggle between high school, coaching classes, academics, co-curricular activities etc. At the end of the day, we end up sacrificing adequate sleep to cope up with such a hectic schedule.

A good night’s sleep helps in the following ways too:-

  • Meliorate Memory

    Many kinds of researches across the fields of psychology, polysomnography etc. suggest that the quantity and quality of sleep are directly correlated with learning and memory. The process of storing information which occurs during the resting period is essential. It assists in storing information in the long-term memory permanently. This helps in strengthening the memory and helps in processing newer information. It also happens to improve the motor and visual coordination while carrying out activities like playing football, learning to play the violin. Other than this, getting a proper sleep brings out the creativity from the depths of our minds. It tends to improve the emotional element. Talking about the other side, sleeplessness leads to irritable behaviour like aggression, lack of motivation and reduces the general ability to retain new things we learn.

  • Strengthen Attention span-  

    Due to the lack of sleep, the normal attention span of an individual ie, 10-15 minutes on an average to concentrate on a fixed task gets interrupted. It gets tougher for the person to concentrate on a given task and multitask too. Cloggy minds hinder the capacity to learn new information and access previously stored memories. Studies suggest that insufficiency in proper sleep amongst children leads to symptoms like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ( ADHD ) across all age groups. It clearly stands in the way of our judgement to assess situations and act appropriately.

  • Academics and Co Curriculars-

    The performance of students depends directly on the amount of proper rest they are getting. Students who get proper rest perform much better in academics as well as in other co-curricular activities. Those who give themselves a good amount of sleep before their big performance, experience less fatigue and stress. They tend to perform better with crystal clarity on their next course of action along with the presence of a sorted mind. Lack of it would lead to reduced productivity and many health issues.

  • Improves Health –

    Getting a proper sleep helps in keeping fat at bay and improves the metabolism of a person. It helps regulate Leptin and Ghrelin which are responsible for controlling the appetite. It improves memory, Cognitive functions and mood. Our body produces protein while sleeping. These protein blocks are responsible for building cell blocks in our body which directly helps in protecting as well as repairing the body from the damages caused. REM sleep helps in this process. 

The REM(Rapid Eye Movement) sleep constitutes 4 stages:

  1. STAGE 1 – In this stage, we can be wake up very easily from their sleep. There is little eye muscle movement. People during this stage might experience muscle contractions and dreams about falling.
  2. STAGE 2 – During the second stage, the eye movement is much slower and there is an occasional flow of brain waves. The heart rate and body temperature elevated.
  3. STAGE 3 – During the third stage, our brain produces the slower delta waves and they mingle with faster waves. At this time a person might experience talking in sleep, sleepwalking and other elements of parasomnia. These things occur during changes between REM and NON-REM sleep.
  4. STAGE 4 – In stage 4, the delta waves are produced almost solely. When people wake up during this state are often baffled due to some reason.

REM sleep is important. It stimulates those areas of the brain which are responsible for learning, memory retention and making memories. During REM, the brain does important neural connections which are fundamental to the overall well being of a person.


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