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Motivation is an internal process that makes a person move towards their desired goal. Motivation can be from both internal and external sources. It takes a lot of effort to keep up with this fast-paced world and see that silver lining in the dark clouds. We face various kinds of obstacles and keep on doubting ourselves of whether it is worth it or not?

But don’t worry these tips which are psychologically tested tips will surely help improve your motivation and give you a new chance at life to realise your ambitions and focus on the positive part.


Self-introspection will help you question some basic actions of your’s which will help out with finding the purpose as well as recognising the inner insight through examining own thoughts, feelings and sensations. It also helps one keep focused on the big picture, notice and consider alternative approaches for the negative patterns of behaviour, prevents you from worrying about things which are beyond your control, stay happy, face your fears and allows you to make decisions based on your own conscience. You only need to take 5 minutes a day to focus on yourself.


Being specific with your future goals and writing them down helps in making plans for yourself. It also serves as a reminder kept insight about all the progress made within a specified period of time. Study charts, timetables etc help a lot.


Try not to procrastinate your precious time. When you are distracted the progress gets denigrated and attention gets divided into various tasks. If you yourself aren’t sorted then planning and implementing with a botched mind takes things down the hill. It is recommended to hit “pause” for a moment and introspect.


It is important to be aware of the potential pitfalls while making progress with your plans demands being run into the reality where you should realise that with success there comes the chances of failures too. No man is truly successful in everything he does. Stumbling and making mistakes is natural. You have to categorize them into two groups:

  • Those you do not have a control over or can influence;
  • Those you have a control over.

Not wasting your energy on things that you don’t have a control over and focussing on alternative actions, learning from your mistakes and emerging as a winner is what you should be focussing on.


Always remember that being happy with what you do is the key. Positive self-talk and engaging in things that you enjoy doing which make you happy will make you feel more energized, motivated and ready to face everything. Praising yourself and feeling proud at the point of achieving every goal surely increases self-worth and the confidence.


Don’t be so harsh on yourself everyone likes rewards after putting in all their efforts. Rewards make us feel valued, happy and recognize the inner self-worth. Scheduled breaks between study time, going for a favourite take-out, taking trips are examples little rewards that have a positive effect on us and give our motivation a good boost with instant gratification.

As Jimmy Johnson said ”The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra” so you must take chances and push yourself forward and never lose that infinite hope that you got.


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