Fasten your seatbelts, the future is here. This may not be a Science Fiction Movie or a TV series but it is as real as India and The United States. The brainchild of a Russian computer scientist, Asgardia is being touted as the first space nation of the world. Moreover, Asgardia applied to the UN for official recognition.

What is Asgardia?

Asgardia, also known as The Kingdom of Asgardia is going to be a self-proclaimed Utopian Society set in satellites primarily revolving around the earth. They already have a Head of State, Government, Flag, National Anthem and a Constitution. Their one satellite revolving the earth in the lower orbit is by far the most pragmatic of all their constituents.

Sign up for the heaven?

The Head of the Nation and the creator, Igor Ashurbeyli is the primary founder of the project. He is a computer scientist by profession with a long history of working with numerous organisations in Russia. In his opening speech in 2017, he talked about his vision of a democratic, equal and inclusive nation away from earth.  After its completion, the nation will house around 150 million citizens. In the recent third ever meet at Moscow Igor Ashurbeyli proudly said,

…in the first 40 hours, more than 100,000 people signed up to become citizens of Asgardia, and in the first 20 days their number exceeded 500,000 and continued to snowball.

Asgardians will be people coming from different communities, religion and cultures of the native earth. The nation is visioned to be an inclusive society with equal reverence towards all human beings.

But is it that simple? Are space nations the future of mankind? The creator believes that if people move to Asgardia they can live in peace, void of the fear of nuclear war, crime or epidemic.

But who says Asgardia will be a complete heaven?

Challenges ahead for Asgardia

Asgardia still faces multiple challenges. Although it has happily and rather publicly announced a flag, an emblem and a national anthem there are no signs of development of the state’s territory or government.

Asgardia will also falter when it comes to providing resources to its citizens. There are many questions that remain unanswered about the economy, development and the election system.

The whole idea itself requires a kind of investment that no one would have imagined. It took NASA multiple years to make an International Space Station about the size of a football field. So making a full-fledged nation seems next to impossible. Moreover, the nation’s economy may also plummet as it would be a Micro-nation. Most countries would not even recognise it officially.

Its either just an amusing way to advertise a person or might be a real breakthrough in science and technology, but it is surely turning heads.


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